About Us

An effective communications strategy can take days, weeks or months to execute, and can be thwarted in an absent-minded instant. A positive first impression can evolve into a long-time sterling reputation, yet requires constant care to prevent tarnish.

Kathy Schaeffer is known for her integrity while helping clients communicate effectively to build and enhance their reputations and achieve their organizational goals. For three decades, Kathy has been fortunate to collaborate with clients and colleagues who are committed to making the world a better place. This, in turn, has helped Kathy earn a reputation for excellent client service, honesty and accountability.

Generating results that help clients win is what motivates Kathy. Moreover, she believes that how one wins is as important as winning. Kathy Schaeffer Consulting, LLC is pleased to support clients whose missions align with the firm’s core values.

During 22 years leading Kathy Schaeffer and Associates, Inc. and now through Kathy Schaeffer Consulting, LLC, Kathy has made her mark on the Chicago public relations scene, as well as throughout the Midwest, with award-winning work for associations, nonprofits and corporations. Kathy has unmatched experience advising hospital and health care clients as they manage mergers, acquisitions, new construction and navigate the Certificate of Need process. CEOs and board members of national associations and major nonprofits look to Kathy for advice and coaching on messaging, presentation skills and media training.

Good communications campaigns yield success when we set realistic expectations and develop strategies that fit our clients’ needs and resonate with their target audiences. Kathy’s work for clients over the years has earned many accolades, including the Publicity Club of Chicago’s Platinum Award – the most prestigious public relations award in Illinois. And, best of all, Kathy is proud to have helped many clients create positive, long-lasting public policy changes.